Your pet is very important to us.  Dog Wash Cafe would like to assure you that every effort will be made to make your pet's grooming experience as safe and pleasant as possible. Safety comes first for everyone— people as well as the animals—during the grooming process.

If this is your fist time visiting Dog Wash Café, we welcome our new pet owners to Dog Wash Cafe. You have chosen the best place to have your pets pampered. Please read the "First Timers" page for detailed information about our services. 

ALL grooming customers must have a signed copy of our grooming release form on file. You will only need to sign it once and it will cover all dogs that you currently own and any you may own in the future. Please click here for the Release Form. Please initial each paragraph and sign the bottom of the form. 

Make an appointment  for any of our services online any time - day or night! We will confirm your appointment through e-mail when we receive it. If you need to get in touch during business hours, we are located in Windward Commons - (Kroger Shopping Center) at 12850 Highway 9 North, Suite 200, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Call us at 770-475-4343. Please also check our contact details.



A full service bath includes: bath, blow dry, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning and gland expression. If deemed possible by the groomer, we will brush out mats for an additional charge.


Grooming includes: Everything that a bath includes, plus: haircut/style.


This is a process that helps reduce shedding. Special products and tools are used to help loosen and remove extra fur from but is NOT a haircut. This process includes everything that the bath includes.


Because each dog, and it's coat, is so different, prices will always vary. Grooming is a time-based service so prices are dependent on your dog's size, coat, condition and behavior. Prices assume that your dog is: healthy, regularly brushed/bathed, and is agreeable to the grooming process.

Once the groomer meets your dog, they can give you a more exact price. For example, elderly dogs and puppies generally take much longer to groom so that we may take the time it requires to ensure they are comfortable throughout the process.

Our Service List

Self-service / "Do It Yourself" Bath

We give you all the tools to make your dog sparkle (or at least smell great)! It allows you to have a hands-on experience with your dog and leave the mess to us. You won't have to clean the bathroom ceiling or play a game of chase around the yard, hose in hand. All you need to bring is the dog. Each bath includes: shampoo, conditioner, ear wash, cologne, brushes, nail clippers, towels, aprons, forced air dryers, warm water, tubs that are at waist-level, stairs to help big dogs in and out of the tub...everything you need!

Dog Grooming
Full-service Groom

Includes choice of shampoo, brush out, blow dry, nail trim, thorough ear cleaning, glands expressed (if necessary), trimming of paw pads, sanitary cut, and haircut/style of your choice.

Mini Groom (Face, Paws & Sani Area)

Includes choice of shampoo, brush out, blow dry, nail trim, thorough ear cleaning, face trim, trimming of paw pads and sanitary cut (does not include haircut/length off of the body).

Dog Grooming Extras
Dematting Brush Out

Add-On - Hand Scissoring Work

Add-On - Matted Shave Down Fee

Add-On - Special Handling Fee

A la carte Sevices
Ear Cleaning/Hair Removal (Only)

Sanitary Trim Only (Only)

Nail Trim & Dremel (Only)

Pad Shaving/Feet Neatening (Only)

Face Neatening (Only)

Dog Bath
Bath, Blow Dry & Brush-out (No Haircut)

Choice of shampoo, brush out, towel dry, nail trim, and thorough ear cleaning.

Shedder's Bath, Brushout (No Haircut)

Bath, Blow Dry and thorough brushing of the Undercoat before and after bathing for heavy shedders

Dog Bath Extras
Anal Glands Expressed (w/o Service)

Teeth Brushing

De-Skunking Treatment

Add-On - Shedders/Impacted Coat Bath

Manager Only
*Free Touch-up within 48-Hrs After Groom

Extra/Add-On Tip